Electrochemical Etching Machinery
We Also Undertake Jobwork for Laser Marking and Chemical Etching as per Customer's Requirment.
  Manufacturers of   Electro Chemical Etching   Machines Available in :

Pencil Etching Machines

We introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturers of electro-chemical etching machines and providing the customized attachment; automatic or semi-automatic to suit your application.

Yugma Make Pencil Etching Machine can be used for marking on hard materials like carbide , alooy steels , mild steel etc. It is just like a pencil.

Specifications :

01. 220V-240V AC , 50/60 Hz, 7-12 Watts.
02. Tungsten Carbide Tips for long life.
03. Can be used to etch on metals only.
04. No Noise & vibrations.
05. No Consumables required.
06. Marking on dies, punches, press tools, cutting        tools, jigs, fixtures, bearings, collets & to        mark dentification no. on gauges etc.